UPDATING - BulkImporter For ZimmWriter 6.45.04 Pro - UPDATING

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🚀Introducing the latest version of BulkImporter For ZimmWriter 6.45.04 Pro:

  • 🚀 New - Stable Diffusion Image Generation: Generate unique featured images with Stable Diffusion (pro)
  • 🚀 New - Stable Diffusion Presets (pro)
  • 🚀 New - Auto Featured Images using free stock images (pro)
  • 🚀 New - Advanced Image Search: Use ChatGPT3 Turbo to get precise image search results (pro)
  • 🚀 New - DALL-E Image Generation: Generate unique featured images with DALL-E (Pro)
  • 🔥 Auto Scheduling with 2 advanced scheduling options ⏰ (pro)
  • 🔥 Auto Import Meta Descriptions with multiple import methods: (pro)
  • 🔥 Image generation for H2 images (pro)
  • 🚀 New - Unlimited Uploads: Bypass server limits and upload Unlimited ZimmWriter content directly to your WordPress site with ease.
  • Local Buffet Support with CTAs! 🚀 (ZimmWriter 6.55)
  • ✅ Ability to choose parent page when importing as pages 🌳
  • ✅ Import as Pages or Custom Post Types with Categories 🏷️
  • Assign Authors to the imported posts/pages
  • 🔥 Content Scheduling with simple scheduler
  • 🚀 New - Auto-Update Support

The next major challenges I'm working on:
🔥 Optimizing images before importing

Free version:


❇️✔️ Use the license key after purchase to activate the Pro submenu for the Bulk Importer.✔️❇️

🚫Don't forget to deactivate or uninstall the previous plugin version before installing this one. There was an issue with plugin conflict that has since been fixed, but just to be safe please delete these plugins before installing the new version:
-Bulk Importer For ZimmWriter
-Bulk Markdown to WordPress Import

As always, let me know if you encounter any issues or future requests. Happy importing! 🥳

Installation Overview:

Discount code update: All Gone - For now ;)

** Update: It's been an amazing journey so far with over 440 members trying out the plugin absolutely free and growing it together, making up almost 90% of the total users as of now. I've had the chance to connect with so many individuals that I would not have gotten otherwise, and I'm truly grateful for that. But now I want to shift the focus away from getting new users, to providing better support and quicker updates to the existing ones.

So after almost 2 months, the limited time 100% discount offer is finally coming to an end:) That said, I will try to crate a 'forever free' plan for anyone just starting out and can not afford to get plugin, but that's still in the making.

Also, I've spent over 100s and 100s of hours and resources on the plugin so far so I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported the project. You are all legends! and I hope to be able to repay the support in the form of more features and improvements to your workflow:) <3

And ofc a special thanks to Bharat, who has been absolutely amazing with helping people out in the group and even answering plugin related questions that he didn't have to (sorry for that lol)🫶 and to Matt for creating this amazing community and making all of this happen:)❤️


* p.s. Please message me if you run into any problems instead of posting in the group😅.

IMP: The new plugin has a bunch of new features added and even though I've been thoroughly testing them on 4 different sites with 4 different builds, please do backup your site before testing this or any plugin on the live sites.

This product is not currently for sale.

1 year support for up-to 5 domains

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UPDATING - BulkImporter For ZimmWriter 6.45.04 Pro - UPDATING

58 ratings